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My name is Saffron and I am an Australian Cattle Dog, otherwise known as a heeler. I would LOVE to come to your ranch or farm and help you with your livestock! I'm still quite young, possibly under a year, weigh around 25 lbs, and am eager to learn how to work. I have lots and lots and lots of energy, so it'd be great if I had a friend to play with or a real job to do. If you'd like to meet me, please call Mountainair Animal Control at 505-705-0099.


Hi, I'm Annie
I am a great dog. You should adopt me. Here's why I'm great:
1. I am quiet.
2. I do not pee in the house.
3. I am super-easy to walk on-leash.
4. I like cats. (I mean, C'MON, that's kind of a big deal.)
5. I let you sleep late.
6. I love to ride in the car.
7. I eat everything, uh, I mean anything, uh, I mean I not picky eater.
8. I am a 62 pound cozy lap-dog.
9. I come when you call me.
10. I listen when you scold me. I only want to please you so will not do bad thing again. Well, try not to.
11. I love you the second I meet you...forever.
I also have some issues:
1. I like some dogs better than others. If you already have a dog in your home please bring him or her (preferably him) for a proper introduction.
2. I get nervous when you leave. But I do not destroy things, I just pant a lot. And my foster mom makes me sit and follow commands and stuff and that really helps me forget why I was so nervous in the first place. But this also means that I won't leave you. See #9 above. Am very good off-leash too. I don't want to lose sight of you.
3. I let people near my rawhide, but not dog that I don't like anyway. Or cat.
4. I drool a little ...especially when you eat chicken. Or popcorn. Or cat food.
What? You DON'T have issues?!
Call Mountainair Animal Control at 505-705-0099 if you want to meet me.
Cuz I am a great dog.