June 2017


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Nova (Lab mix)
-2 and a half years old
-spayed, up to date on all shots
-crate trained and house broken; has graduated Petsmart's beginner training class.
-Loves to play with her tennis ball or anything squeeky. Loves to go for walks, rides in the car, or be wherever her family is. She is very much a velcro dog, and is very loyal and protective of whoever she bonds with. This is actually part of the problem we are having now, as she has become protective of my daughter and I around Dexter, which starts the fighting.
-She is very active and needs a lot of exercise; walks very well on a leash, not dog reactive on walks.
-She needs to be an only dog, but does well with other animals. She gets along with my cat and the guinea pig (she listens when we tell her "no" or "leave it" if she's getting too close for their comfort).

For more information contact Kristina, 505-980-7545, kmbainbridge@hotmail.com


Dexter (Bull Terrier/Sharpei mix)
-3 years old
-neutered, up to date on all shots
-Crate trained and housebroken
-Very active, loves to run and chase critters in the yard. Needs a tall secured fence (he's a jumper), but does fine with our 7' tall wire fence- we just have do regular perimeter checks to make sure he isn't trying to dig under.
-Needs to be an only pet - We've had to keep him separated from our cat and guinea pig, and he has not been doing well with our other dog, Nova (see below). He walks okay on a leash, but does pull pretty hard. He is reactive towards other dogs while on walks - we usually just walk the opposite direction if that occurs. He could use some more socialization around people and other dogs.
-Would do okay with children over 8 years old. He does great with my daughter, who is 11. He needs slow introductions with lots of treats until he feels comfortable. We rescued Dexter from the City's Westside shelter when he was about 3-4 months old. We got Nova as a 6 wk old puppy about 3-4 months later.

For more information contact Kristina, 505-980-7545, kmbainbridge@hotmail.com


For more information contact the person listed with the dog or Joyce, 505-463-4553, joycefay@broandtracy.org